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Travelpro News

In a recent article (below), the authors talked about the original design of wheeled luggage by Robert Plath a pilot for Northwest Airlines. Mr. Plath first invented wheeled luggage when he toke a regular price of luggage and attached wheels. What followed was the birth of TravelPro.....travelpro luggage. usa

"Navigating an airport became considerably less difficult when Robert Plath, a pilot for Northwest, took a small suitcase, stood it up, and added wheels. Fellow crew members saw the bag and begged him to make luggage for them. TravelPro, the company he subsequently founded, earned a spot on the Inc. 500 in 1992. It also changed the economics of travel, as more passengers opted to fly with only carry-on luggage. Plath sold his business in 1999, and semi-retired. "I had no idea it would take off like it did," he told USA Today in 2003."

What's so Great about TravelPro Luggage

When you're looking for luggage that will satisfy your every need, you'll quickly see why Travelpro luggage continues to outshine the competition. You can take advantage of the airlines flight crew inspired Crew 7 line, and you'll soon see why this design company has such a great reputation for high-quality components, innovative design and a contemporary style. While the Crew 7 line is perfect for today's frequent traveler, turn an eye towards the Travelpro platinum 6 collection that will give you the best results in durability, style and versatility. What Travelpro suitcase or business case is right for you? Check out the spacious TravelPro's TPro Xtreme Lite 22, which still fits most airline carry on regulations.

Do you want to travel like a pro? 425,000 flight crews around the world have decided that Flightpro was their top choice for their trips, and it was recognized as the Readers' Choice overall Best luggage for travelers by Business Traveler Magazine.

What do people have to say about TravelPro:

nav_arrow "This travelpro luggage bag is one of the best pieces of luggage that I have ever owned. Not only is it compact and attractive, it moves very smoothly and the longer handle makes it much handier to maneuver. The nylon on the bag is tough and durable, and because of this, I have recently bought the Travelpro Tote and 26 inch Suiter...."

nav_arrow "When we went looking for the luggage that would take us all over the world, we looked at the Travelpro Crew 7 line and other luggage and we looked at many others, but this is the one we keep coming back to. We haven taken our Crew across the world, and thousands of miles and 15 years of good service is behind our luggage.."

nav_arrow"This TravelPro luggage is a terrific bag. It's very light and when you want to carry a week's worth of clothing, it is quite easy. You'll also find that you can expand the front pockets by two inches, which makes it a lot roomier. The refreshing and bright color make it easy to spot when you are looking through other luggage on the belt, and the longer handle makes things a lot easier for me. It's a great bag for longer trips and I wouldn't choose another one...."

nav_arrow"I've been using the Travelpro Luggage line for years, and I have never been happier. I recently needed a light bag for my vacation, and this line came through again. This is a bag that can carry a lot of clothes while somehow staying underneath the airlines carry on policy, and you'll find that it is quite sturdy, no matter what you put it through. Mine has gone through several years of use and I expect it to take me through many more....."

nav_arrow"Simply speaking, this is a bag that will hold way more than you think it should. My expectations were met and then blown away. While lots of other people have talked about the design of the bag and everything that it does when it comes to holding things in well, remember that you should also talk about what a good protective bag it is. For instance, I was once watching my Travelpro luggage bag get loaded onto a plane when a downpour opens up. My poor bag got left in the rain for almost twenty minutes before getting tossed in, but an ocean later, when I went to pick up my bag at the carousel, it was perfectly dry! How about that for good craftsmanship?"


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